Aruba’s outstanding weather, with more sunny days than any other island in the Caribbean, is one of our key selling points and one of the most compelling reasons to recommend Aruba to travelers looking for fun in the sun.

Aruba enjoys a desert-like climate and is located outside the hurricane belt. Except for a few scattered weather events annually, and perhaps some limited showers on some days (welcomed by our plants), the sun does indeed always shine here. The average annual temperature is 82 degrees Fahrenheit (28 degrees Celcius). Constant trade winds help to keep the temperature comfortable and the humidity relatively low.

Forecast in Aruba

86 Degrees… warm and sunny!

     Yearly weather chart

Month Avg. Daily High Temp. Avg. Daily Low Temp.
January 84.7 75.9
February 85.5 76.3
March 86.3 76.8
April 87.1 78.1
May 88.1 79.5
June 88.6 80.0
July 88.2 79.5
August 89.1 80.1
September 89.4 80.3
October 88.7 79.9
November 87.2 78.8
December 85.3 76.9

 Come to Aruba, where the only thing warmer than the sun is our people