Getting around Aruba is quick and easy. Bus service to and from downtown Oranjestad and resort areas is reliable and inexpensive. Taxis are always available and have set rates. Many visitors rent a car for at least one day to see the sights beyond resort areas.

Driving is on the right side of the road, foreign and international driving licenses accepted but no right turns on red light. Click here to view the road signs in Aruba.

While many tour in the comfort of an air-conditioned motor coach, those more daring may prefer a jeep or all-terrain vehicle



The taxi dispatch office, which can also arrange taxi tours, is located at Pos Abou z/n in Oranjestad, behind the Eagle Bowling Palace on the Sasaki road.

Taxis do not have meters; rates are fixed and should be checked in advance. Most taxi drivers have participated in the government’s Tourism Awareness Program

Taxi rates

  1. All rates must be in Aruban florins (Afl.) as well as in US Dollars (US$)
    (Exchange rate Afl. 1.80 to US$ 1.00),
  2. Minimum fare is Afl. 10.00 / US$ 6.00,
  3. Prices are based on distance with a maximum capacity of five passengers per taxi,
  4. Sundays, official holidays and on regular days starting 11:00 PM till 7:00 AM there will be a surcharge of Afl. 5.40 / US$ 3.00 to the regular fares,
  5. Each passenger from and to the Airport is allowed one piece of luggage and a back/hand pack-bag. For each additional piece of luggage there will be an additional charge of Afl. 3.60 / US$ 2.00 per piece. Attaché  cases, laptop cases, carry on’s and any type of equipment / aid that is necessary for the passenger’s mobilization cannot be charged for,
  6. Use of car trunk, not going to or coming from the Airport will be an additional charge of Afl. 3.60 / US$ 2.00, except when luggage is transported between hotels,
  7. Waiting time is Afl. 5.40 / US$ 3.00 per 5 minutes,
  8. In case of damage due to wet clothing, sharp objects or otherwise to the cars interior, there will be an additional damage charge of Afl. 90.00 / US$ 50.00 per incident,
  9. Taxis can be hired at an hourly rate of Afl. 81.00 / US$ 45.00 per hour,
  10. The driver -within reason- is not responsible for lost items in his/her car. Found objects will be reported and turned over to the Department of Public Transportation or the nearest police station,
  11. The driver is not allowed to ask other fares than the ones approved by the Government,
  12. The driver is not allowed to transport more than five (5) passengers in a taxi. A minor under the age of two (2) years is not considered as a passenger,
  13. If a passenger being the first one to ask to be transported to a location refuses, the driver is not allowed to take more persons into his taxi. If more passengers, not being part of the same group, are transported to the same destination, then the fare has to be divided among the group transported to the destination

Please Click Here for Fare Estimate


There is inexpensive and reliable daily bus service between all the districts and the hotel areas. The rates charged for bus trip are very reasonable priced. A single bus trip costs 2.25 florins with your Smartcard and 4.00 florins or $2.30 cash. A day pas is 17.50 florins or $10.00.
Check at your hotel for schedules and hours or visit

The main bus station is located in downtown Oranjestad across from the waterfront shops and restaurants. From here, one can very affordably travel to anywhere along the hotel stretch. Originally only popular with the locals, tourists are discovering that this is an inexpensive and efficient way to get around between the hotel/beach area and downtown.

Line Services: The largest operator is Arubus, a Government company that owns 48 buses, presently operating six lines. The most important one is the route from San Nicolas to Oranjestad and further on to the hotel zone. This line has a share of some 80% in the total passenger transport of Arubus. The other routes transport passengers from the smaller population centres to Oranjestad, San Nicolas and the hotel zone.

Mini Buses: Around 40 buses (12 seats) supply regular transport on the road from San Nicolas to Oranjestad and hotel areas. These buses are privately owned.


Car and Jeep Rentals

For the adventurous and people want to explore all Aruba has to offer, it’s a good idea to rent a four-wheel drive vehicle. The roads to many great sights are often rugged and not suitable for a car. Make sure that your spare tire is full of air before heading out into the rough terrain.  Try to book your jeep well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Your clients can rent their vehicle at the airport or can call and ask to be picked up at their hotel.


Motorcycles and Scooters

Because of Aruba’s fine weather, most visitors love to be outdoors. A terrific way to get around this compact island is to rent a small motorcycle or scooter…. or a HARLEY! Yes, the tourists on this island love to rent Harleys!

Your clients really get a feel for the distinctive topography and enjoy the “easy riding” at the same time. Renting a scooter or motorcycle for a day is probably the best way to see the island. On and off road adventures are a specialty of Aruba and there are many places that rent this mode of open air freedom transportation. A regular driver’s license is all you need! Helmets are supplied.


A battery-powered streetcar line was built from the cruise ship terminal down the capital’s main street, which was converted to a pedestrian mall. The trolleys offer free transportation to and from the main street downtown area in a loop with the cruise ship terminal.

Viewings and direct accessibility includes: Huisje Wild, House of Parliament, Archaeological Museum, Fort Zoutman (Historical Museum), the Protesant Church, stores in the mainstreet also restaurants and more.

The first trolley starts exactly at 10:00 am with intervals of 25 minutes. The last trolley departs from the cruise port by 5:00 pm

mainstreet_tram_6 (2)