Happiness Builder

Demonstrate your expertise and make yourself even more valuable to clients by utilizing Aruba’s unique Happiness Builder. The Happiness Builder is a content-rich planning experience featuring over 100 video clips that showcase adventure, relaxation, romance and cultural activities in Aruba.

The Happiness Builder is a great planning tool for your clients heading to Aruba. They can preview in advance many of the experiences and things to do in Aruba – further enhancing the planning process. Following simple instructions, they can pick 6 favorite video clips, easily add some happy music (sections are provided), personalize a message and share their “Shortcut to Happiness” video itinerary with friends and loved ones.

The Happiness Builder can also enhance your own knowledge of the many experiences available for your clients in Aruba – whether they are looking for relaxation or seeking adventure.

So when clients ask “What is there to do in Aruba” or when couples turn to you to suggest romantic settings in Aruba you will have plenty of answers at your fingertips … just click at the Happiness Builder

Click here for a link to the Happiness Builder or get inspired with locally sourced itinerary on the Aruba.com home page.